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According to REMIT Regulation (EU) No. 1227/2011 companies must report their inside information to ACER via an Inside Information Platform. That includes market participants without plants or with plants < 100 MW.

With the EEX Inside Information Messenger you can effectively disclose your inside information via the EEX Transparency Platform.

REMIT stands for Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market and Integrity and Transparency.

Since 1 January 2023, backup reports of inside information are no longer permitted on the company’s own website, according to ACER.

REMIT Update Guidelines / FAQ - What is new?

Regulation (EU) 1227/2011 on the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market (REMIT) establishes mandatory reporting obligations for market participants in the electricity and gas market.

On 19 July 2019, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators – ACER – updated its guidelines for the application of REMIT. According to these guidelines inside information pursuant to Article 4 REMIT is only effectively disclosed if it is published on a central platform (“Inside Information Platform or IIP”). 

What will change for the market participants?

Many companies now publish their inside information on their own company website. However, since 1 January 2021, reporting via their own website no longer complies with the ACER requirements. Accordingly, notifiable information must be disclosed via a so-called Inside Information Platform (IIP). Market participants without plants or with plants < 100 MW must also report market-relevant information via an Inside Information Platform.

When registering as a market participant in the Centralised European Register of Energy Market Participants (CEREMP), companies must indicate where they publish their inside information, regardless of whether any information subject to future reporting requirements under Article 4 REMIT exists.

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Are you subject to the obligation to notify according to Regulation (EU) 1227/2011 and do not publish your information at all or only via your website? Fulfill your REMIT reporting obligation effectively, efficiently and securely in the future – with the EEX Inside Information Messenger.

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* The fees for publication and forwarding can be found in the price list of the EEX (chapter Transparency Services), page 31.

System Requirements: Browser (Google Chrome (current version), Mozilla Firefox (current version), Microsoft Edge)

Do you have generation plants ≥ 100 MW?

Everything for reporting in accordance with REMIT and the Transparency Regulation (EU) 543/2011 from a single source: On request, we will forward your data securely and timely to the ENTSO-E and other institutions. Depending on the number of your facilities, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

How it works:


Step 1

Enter data


Step 2

Data validation

Step 3

Reporting to ACER via Inside Information Platform

Step 4

Monitor the status of disclosure

Your benefits:


Effective reporting via the EEX Transparency Platform as ACER listed Inside Information Platform.


Transparent costs with monthly flat rate, no costs for hardware, software and support.


Report efficiently and easily – enter data, validate data, check status, done!


The highest security through e.g. encrypted communication, certificate-based messages, data protection in the cloud (ISO 27018) and ISO 27001 in the data center.


Simple monitoring: You can keep an eye on the reporting status at all times via a web cockpit.


Many years of expertise: EEX approved as an RRM (Registered Reporting Mechanism) by ACER and as a third-party data provider by ENTSO-E.


No stress if the regulatory requirements change. Because we take care of them and further develop the EEX Inside Information Messenger accordingly.

Disclose inside information timely via EEX Transparency Platform!

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Demo: How to report inside information

Discover how you can use the EEX Inside Information Messenger to report your inside information effectively and comfortably.


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What is inside information?

Inside information – often referred to as urgent market message (UMM) – is precise information that is not public knowledge and which, if it became public, would probably have a significant impact on energy market prices. Further explanations are available on the ACER website.

The REMIT regulation does not define thresholds here. Market participants must therefore decide for themselves whether the information is inside information. Tip: If in doubt, disclose information.


Here you can get even more information: Q&A Inside Information with Sebastian Wykowski – YouTube

Who must disclose inside information?

Under REMIT, all participants in the electricity and gas market who are registered with a national regulatory authority in the EU are obliged to disclose inside information relating to the company or facilities effectively and in good time.

Why should we use a platform like the EEX Transparency Platform?

The EEX transparency platform is listed as Inside Information Platform at ACER and has been the central reporting platform in Europe for many years. 100 companies use the platform to publish insider information in accordance with REMIT, the EU Transparency Regulation and MAR. With the EEX Inside Information Messenger you can report your insider information comfortably, verifiably and, above all, effectively via a central platform directly to ACER.

We have no facilities. What do we have to report?

Market participants without investments are also obliged to disclose insider information pursuant to REMIT Art. 4 para. 1 from their business activities.

Will the deadline for reporting of inside information be extended?

No, according to ACER there will be no further extension beyond 1st January 2021.

How can I disclose my inside information effectively and timely if an Inside Information Platform (IIP) is not available?

Market participants should use the backup solution of the IIP in case the IIP is not available.

What status of application must an Inside Information Platform (IIP) have so that market participants report effectively?

Market participants can effectively and timely report their inside information via an Inside Information Platform when it has successfully completed the first phase of the ACER assessment. EEX Transparency Platform has passed the first phase successfully.

How much does the support cost?

The support is included in your fee.

 References: REMIT inside information

These and many other companies already publish their REMIT inside information via the EEX Transparency Platform.

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European Energy Exchange AG (EEX)

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the leading European energy exchange. It operates the EEX Transparency Platform as a central platform for the publication and forwarding of inside information in accordance with REMIT, the EU Transparency Regulation and MAR. For more than 13 years, companies have been able to fulfil their reporting obligations via this Inside Information Platform listed on ACER.

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Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH

Seven2one is the technical operator of the EEX Transparency Platform and certified service provider of the EEX. For more than 15 years the company has been providing reporting solutions for different requirements from individual solutions for companies with a high reporting volume to lean online tools for companies that report few.

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